IMPORTANT Announcement Regarding Setting of Custom Caller ID’s within UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT

Announcement from NEC

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY -change to the setting of custom caller ID which are sent on outgoing calls. Due to the recent STIR/SHAKEN requirements put forth by the United States government, carriers such as NEC are now mandated to implement technology to help guarantee that phone calls originating from our network are truly coming from the phone number we send as the caller ID.

Up until this point, NEC UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT has allowed its users to have virtually any phone number displayed as their caller ID, even phone numbers not owned by the customer. However, in order to meet the requirements of STIR/SHAKEN, all users who have been using a phone number not owned by their respective account as their caller ID have had their caller IDs reverted back to be their own phone number, effective immediately.