NEC End of Sale Announcement

NEC Announcement:

Today we are announcing that we have formally made the decision to exit our on-premise UC business outside of Japan over the next few years.

This change applies to all of our on-premise UC products. Our NEC BLUE UCaaS offerings will not be affected by the exit process, where such products are currently available.

We understand how significant UC solutions are to your customers’ operations, and we will fulfill existing contractual obligations we have agreed with you to date.

Products Affected (list of equipment American Telephone supports):

  • SV9100
  • SV9500
  • Univerge 3C
  • Wired terminals (DT300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 900, 900S
  • DECT
  • UM4730
  • UC for Enterprise
  • Softphone (ST500/SP350)
  • uMobility, MLC
  • UG50

Important Dates:

  • End of Sale 12/31/24
  • End of Add-on Sales 12/31/24
  • End of Shipment 3/31/25 (target)
  • End of Support 3/31/26*

*If active Software Assurance (SWA) is in place, support will be provided for security, critical bug fixes, and technical support until the end of the SWA coverage.