Mitel SX-200 ICP End of Sale Announcement and Migration Options

Mitel has announced the end of sale for the SX-200ICP product line effective July 31, 2021. The end of support is July 31, 2024.

As part of the migration offerings, Mitel has introduced a unique migration program for the SX-200 ICP hospitality customers to migrate to the MiVoice Business hospitality system by keeping the hardware and swapping out the software and licenses with MiVoice Business solution.

Benefits of the Migration:

  • New Technology – can take advantage of new technologies such as SIP trunks and phones including the 6900 series phones, wireless devices, UC applications, and other applications such as Contact Center and Call Recording
  • Price – the program assumes the customer keeps their existing hardware as is, and the new MiVoice Business license is applied to the existing hardware at the discounted price. Therefore, customers will be able to build the latest MiVoice Business systems at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Support – your investment into your communication system will still be supported by Mitel

Contact your American Telephone representative for more information.