Announcing UNIVERGE BLUE ENGAGE Interaction Analytics

NEC announced the release of UNIVERGE BLUE ENGAGE Interaction Analytics.  ENGAGE Interaction Analytics makes it easier to get usable insights from customer interactions, that can drive key business decisions and improve service quality. Using artificial intelligence (AI), ENGAGE Interaction Analytics evaluates each customer interaction for topics and sentiment to automatically prioritize and provide insights to key decision-makers who can use it to improve their business. At the same time as this release of ENGAGE Interaction Analysis, ENGAGE Evaluator will be enhanced to take advantage of these insights during the evaluation process.

ENGAGE Interaction Analytics will offer the ability to transcribe incoming and outgoing call recordings, as well as voicemail messages providing sentiment analysis for these transcriptions. Once this feature is purchased for your ENGAGE contact center you will need to enable the service for selected voice queues. ENGAGE Administrators will be
able to search transcriptions using various metrics and keywords. They will be able to see sentiment analysis (positive, negative, neutral and/or mixed) and the ability to download and save transcription files.

This service will be sold in 5-hour blocks per concurrent agent seat.

  • ENGAGE COMPLETE will include one 5-hour block per concurrent seat
  • ENGAGE ADVANCED will not have any included blocks but can be added for an additional cost

Only voice call recordings will use the time included in the blocks of hours, voicemail transcriptions will not use the
blocks of time and are included for free.

ENGAGE Administrators will be able to see how many minutes have been purchased and how many minutes have been used. They will be able to set an alert notification when available minutes fall below a certain level that they specify. If
the balance of remaining minutes is greater than zero, the service will be active. If the balance of remaining minutes is equal to or below zero, the service will stop transcribing calls until the beginning of the next month (the timer for transcribing minutes always resets to the purchased amount at the first of each month).