NEC Important Supply Chain Notice

Below is a memo from NEC regarding Global Semiconductor Shortage and the impact on NEC equipment

July 6, 2021

Global Semiconductor Shortage Impact on NEC On-Premises Systems

You may have recently read about the unprecedented global semiconductor chip shortage that is impacting entire industries ranging from automotive manufacturers to consumer electronics and beyond.  This same shortage is affecting suppliers across the on-premises phone system industry, including NEC.  At NEC Corporation of America (NEC) we are committed to supporting our partners through any business environment and this notice is to inform you about how the shortage affects NEC and the approach we are taking to mitigate the impact of the global semiconductor chip shortage. 

The shortage will specifically impact various critical components in NEC systems such as the SV9100 CPU-20 and IP/TDM line cards and TDM terminals.  After conducting in-depth analysis of the global semiconductor supply chain, we expect that NEC may not be able to fulfill some on-premises hardware orders for new systems or add-on orders through the end of the year if not longer. 

We realize that you depend on us to deliver Unified Communications solutions and we understand the impact the chip shortage may have on your business.  To address this scenario, we are taking two primary courses of action.  First, we are aggressively pursuing alternate options for semiconductor chip inventory to mitigate the short-term impact.  Second, we are providing additional resources for UNIVERGE BLUE, our cloud-based communications platform, a solution that virtually eliminates reliance on hardware-based microchips.  

We will continue to provide additional updates to keep you informed about this situation.