NEC SV9100 Release 4.0 Now Available

NEC has released version 4.0 for the SV9100 which includes new features and benefit.  Some examples of enhancements are:

Video Conferencing with WebRTC

WebRTC technology is a communications standard that enables the SV9100 CPU to deliver a unique real-time communications experience with simplicity and reliability and without dependence on service providers or other services.

  • Video capabilities and Screen sharing are available by using a Chrome Browser.
  • Enabling WebRTC in the browser eliminates the complexity of developing separate soft clients for each device.
  • For a more robust solution, users may go to a software system solution with a more intuitive interface that attracts a large number of users.
  • Customers can look forward to future enhancements as NEC continues to embrace WebRTC technology.

Multi-Device Support

Customers have come to expect full service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – from the organizations that they do business with. Now NEC can ensure you have the tools to stay competitive – wherever you are – with Multi-Device Support. Multi Device Support splits an incoming call to multiple termination points (Ex: Desktop phone, Standard SIP Phone, Mobile Phone, Home Phone, etc). When the primary extension number receives a call, up to seven devices in the group will ring simultaneously.

DT820 Terminal Support

Phone Pro

Phone Pro allows an SV9100 phone user to program certain features on a telephone using a web based application. Phone Pro provides a graphical user interface showing the current settings on the SV9100 digital or IP phone, allowing the user to assign features and values on the programmable buttons of their phones.

Contact Center Enhancements

  • Emailed Scheduled Report
  • Abandoned Callback Report
  • Summary Performance Monitor


Contact your American Telephone representative to schedule your upgrade.