NEC Important Supply Chain Notice

Below is a memo from NEC regarding Global Semiconductor Shortage and the impact on NEC equipment July 6, 2021 Global Semiconductor Shortage Impact on NEC On-Premises Systems You may have recently read about the unprecedented global semiconductor chip shortage that is impacting entire industries ranging from automotive manufacturers to consumer electronics and beyond.  This same …

Is your data secure?

All businesses should be concerned about the Solar Winds and Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks. Is your business’ data properly protected? Let American Telephone help secure your data with a solution that is easy to deploy.

We offer you choices for your communication needs

CHOICE: It’s what we do. Whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid you can do it your way with our diverse product portfolio. At American Telephone we cover all bases – so you can do it your way. A diverse product portfolio ideal for unpredictable times. Let American Telephone help you with your communication needs…YOUR WAY!

Are you ready to migrate to UNIVERGE BLUE Cloud Services?

Some organizations will adopt cloud services for scalability, speed and reduced IT maintenance. Others prefer to manage their own infrastructure on-premises, for more control, security and a single up-front cost. Hybrid architectures combine elements of both, perfect for those looking for the flexibility and agility of each solution. UNIVERGE BLUE® delivers on any of these …

ROI Calculator for Univerge Blue

You may be considering moving your communication services to the cloud because of all the great features but do not know if it will save you money.  NEC has a ROI calculator that can help determine your savings! For more information about NEC Univerge Blue, please contact us at