The following are the steps for a successful UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT deployment. Please complete each step below. If you have any questions, please contact your American Telephone Project Manager.

A progress and check in meeting schedule will be established with your project manager.

Step 1: Identify the telephone numbers you want to move to your new NEC solution.

Identify the telephone numbers you want to move to NEC. Customers typically move their main number, fax number, and any other telephone number a customer may have access.

Important Note: Your alarm, security, or elevator lines should not be listed. These cannot move to the NEC cloud solution. If the numbers you want to move to NEC are under contract with a carrier, there may be penalties for early termination of the contract. You will need to verify you are not under a contract or understand any fees associated with removing numbers from the account.

Step 2: Collect the latest carrier bill(s) for the lines you wish to move to your new NEC solution.

We will need all pages of the carrier bill. This will be submitted to NEC to move your telephone lines.

Step 3: Collect the PIN & Password on your carrier account

Some carrier accounts have a PIN, password, or a porting PIN on the account. If this information is not on your carrier bill, please contact your carrier and verify if these items are in place or required to port your numbers.

Step 4: Send Collected Information

Email the items collected in steps 1 – 3 to your project manager. Your project manager will create a Letter of Authorization (LOA). The LOA will provide authorization to move your telephone lines to NEC. Moving your numbers to another carrier is called porting. Porting FAQ for North America

Step 5: Sign and return LOA

Once you a receive the LOA from your project manager, please have an authorized person on your account sign the LOA. Once signed, return it to your project manager.

Important Note: We will not be able to move your telephone numbers without the signed LOA.

Step 6: Collect information for the new NEC solution.

Your project manager will provide you with a data collection form. You will collect the locations, extensions, users, and email addresses that will be created on your new system. We can retain your existing extension numbers or create new ones. If you have existing auto attendant scripts or have an outline of what you would like to put in place, please also collect this information.

Step 7: Discuss your new system design

You will set up a call with your project manager to discuss how you wish to design your new NEC solution. Your project manager will utilize the items you captured in step 6 as the foundation for this design. They will review options so you can determine what works best for your organization. This design will be used to program your new solution.

***Once the programming is finalized and American Telephone receives the signed LOA, we can start working on the schedule and timeline for the new system installation.***

Step 8: Verify your network is ready for the new NEC solution.

Your IT department or IT company will need to set up your network for the new NEC deployment. Your project manager will review the products being deployed for your installation. Your IT group should review all documents associated with your deployment. Network Set Up & Best Practices

Step 9: Music On Hold File (MOH)

NEC provides default music on hold files for use with every deployment. If you wish to have a personalized MOH file, please have your file created in the below format. If you do not have an existing company for your customized MOH file(s), please ask your project manager for a referral.

Note: You can have up to 5 MOH files. They will play in the file order.

MOH Format: Supported audio formats are .wav, .mp3, and .ogg. The file size should not exceed 16 MB. The audio file names should only contain upper and lower case letters, numbers, underscores and a single dot “.” symbol only.

Step 10: Record your auto attendant/IVR greetings and/or prompts

Your project manager will provide you with a list of greetings or prompts you will need to record for the new solution. These were determined during step 7. Please send your files to your project manager. How To Record Instructions

Step 11: Let everyone know about the upcoming NEC deployment

During the programming phase of your new solution, any users that you provided an email address will receive two welcome emails from NEC. Please let your organization know that you are getting a new NEC solution and the NEC emails are legitimate and not SPAM. The emails will be sent from Technical Support < The emails subjects will be….Get started with UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT & UNIVERGE BLUE User Created

Important Note: These emails provide the user credentials and access information. These emails will be used for accessing the desktop and mobile applications.

Step 12: User Training

American Telephone believes the training is key to any successful deployment. We have created a training resource for both the users and administrators. Please have your employees review the resources available for training. Your project manager can help determine the resources that will best assist your organization based on your deployment. Training Page

Step 13: Testing

Your project manager will work with you to verify everything is ready before you go live. This may include installing a telephone and verifying it is operational on your network, logging into your application, and processing calls. The testing plan will be customized based on your deployment.

Step 14: Administrator review and training

Your project manager will schedule a review and verify you have all the tools to manage your NEC solution going forward.

Step 15: Disconnect your services with your previous carrier

Most carriers do not automatically stop the billing of lines after they are ported to another carrier. Once your telephone numbers are live with NEC, you will need to contact your carrier and make sure you do not receive a bill after the port date for the ported lines. They will need to update your account with the date so no further billing takes place.