Training Page


Welcome to our comprehensive training website for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT and ENGAGE. We are excited to help you to improve your employee productivity and provide an enhanced customer experience. We have curated a collection of instructional and informative videos for each solution, tailored to help your team fully understand the capabilities and powers of CONNECT and ENGAGE.


To optimize your learning experience, we recommend following the video sequence as presented. This allows for a structured progression through the content. However, feel free to revisit individual videos to review a particular topic in more detail. Welcome to the Cloud! 

Monthly Live Training

In addition, to this training library, NEC host CONNECT live virtual training sessions each month. For more information or to register please visit.

CONNECT Training Library

Is Broken Up Into The Following User Experience Sections.


Employees will learn how intuitive the CONNECT platform is for internal and external collaborations through a seamless, user-friendly experience


Administrators will learn with step-by-step learning courses how to configure their CONNECT environment.

ENGAGE Training Library

Is Broken Up Into The Following User Experience Sections.


Agents will learn how to perform customer-facing and daily tasks across CONNECT, desktop, and web interfaces.  


Administrators will learn through self-paced courses.